Take a Romantic Break in a Boutique Hotel

If you’re looking for a special and romantic destination to spend a honeymoon or wedding anniversary, or you are just to have some romantic time together, then we would recommend a boutique hotel.

These small, chic, designer hotels really do encompass everything that a romantic atmosphere is all about; they typically don’t have many guest rooms and provide a high-quality experience (upscale accommodation, excellent customer care, great surrounding etc.).

Making guests feel welcome, special and unique is the hallmark of all these hotels, and if you call to ask for something special, they will do everything they can to ensure that it happens.

Why go all the way to a beautiful destination for a romantic weekend just to stay in a regular hotel, with regular tourists in the next room and no extra-ordinary customer care? If it’s worth doing at all, if you want somewhere intimate with a personal ambiance then you need to spend a little more money to make the trip as special and memorable as possible.


A honeymoon is a never-to-be-repeated holiday, so it makes sense to ensure that it this special time is as special as it can possibly be. So ensure that you visit a company that is a little more specialist in this area. Companies like iescape, Destinology and Little Hotels do an amazing job at delivering a more tailored approach to your holiday, ensuring that your honeymoon is as unique as it can be

We would highly recommend looking for boutique hotels that have large, luxurious rooms, with modern bathrooms and hotels that can offer special packages, room upgrades or additional details such as beachfront access or complimentary spa treatments. Choose a hotel that is really different to anywhere you’ve stayed before so that you can use it to create a unique honeymoon experience.

Anniversaries and Romantic Breaks

You will want to celebrate that special occasion or just want to take advantage of an opportunity to spend some time together, by staying in a boutique hotel. For anniversaries and romantic breaks, a beautiful hotel in a great location can make a great base.

Whether you choose a hotel that offers relaxing spa treatments, or an urban hotel where you can experience the bright lights and fine dining of a major city, you can find a boutique hotel that will fulfil all your requirements.

Try a cooking class in France, or a wine-tasting course in Italy. Explore New York’s vibrant scene, the glorious sunshine in Jamaica, or book into a childfree beach idyll in the Pacific. Turn a couple of days away into an unforgettable romantic break by selecting a boutique hotel.

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