The Best Postcard apps in the UK

We still love to send postcards, we don’t even have to be on holiday to do it, there is something kinda nice about receiving a good quality piece of mail at any time during the year.

When on holiday postcards are a great way to let friends and family know that we are thinking about them, it feels extra special and a lot more personal that sending something ‘en-mass’ over social media or a simple text message 

Postcards can even be kept and treasured! Because they are so special now they do find themselves having pride and place on a mantelpiece or fridge door.

Rather than relying on the traditional postcard from your holiday destination of a generic scene, with the advent of postcard apps it now possible and easy to send a photo from your smartphone as a postcard.

We decided to try some of the apps out there to see which we preferred, which provided the best value (cost v quality) and which were simply the easiest to use.

We tested three of the most popular apps – TouchNote, SimplyCards and MyPostcard.

Note: Some of these services also do birthdays cards, canvases, gifts etc, but as travellers we just focussed on postcard delivery. They were all tested during May/June 2020 using their apps.

TouchNote (8/10)

Cost: £2.99 a card (within the UK) – includes design, print and postage.
Promotion: Download via this link for £10 off any subscription.
Android/IOS: Both

If you pay for one of their subscriptions (starting from £12.99 for a 5 credit pack, this can be brought down to £2.60 a card). They also have monthly memberships from £2.08 a month, so lots of options if you are going to use the service a lot.

We liked the simplicity of this app, sign up quick and easy through either Facebook, Google or just email address and password.

It was a very intuitive process, screens and instructions are very clear.

Easy to tailor the layout, add stickers, filters and text etc.

We used the handwritten font because it gives the card a more personal touch. It’s even possible to design your own stamp (for free) to add even more of a personal touch to the card.

MyPostcard (8/10)

Cost: £2.29 a card (within the UK) – includes design, print and postage.
Promotion: Use the special code “ANDREW8T6Z” in the app for a free £3 credit.
Android/IOS: Both

The more credit you buy the cheaper the cards are, so for example add £25 I credit and they’ll give you £4 for free.

A very similar service to TouchNote, but it felt like less options for personalisation, again we used the handwriting font and looked good.

The overall quality of the cards is better than the TouchNote ones, and as it’s a honest review, we will say that the first postcard we sent didn’t turn up, but they happily sent it again for us free of charge which did turn up the following day (you can always learn a lot about companies from their customer service, and these guys impressed us).

SimplyCards (6/10)

Cost: €2.49 (approx. £2.22) includes design, print and postage.
Promotion: Use the code “WELCOME” in the app for a 20% discount.
Android/IOS: Both

Again, if you buy credit then the cost comes down, so if you add 10 credits for example, each postcard will cost approx. £2.04.

Probably the least intuitive of the apps we used, but we did soon get used to it, you may become a little stuck if you are less tech savvy.

Also the prices are all in Euros.

Plenty of templates to keep you happy and a good number of fonts to help your card stand out.

Again, the stamp can be personalised to add an extra special touch to the postcard you send. These guys are based in France, and all postcards are printed and dispatched from France so it takes a little while longer for the cards to arrive, but a very good quality.

In Summary

We liked TouchNote and MyPostcard equally, both easy to use, and whilst we did have a slight issue with a MyPostcard card going missing in the post, their customer service was excellent and a free one was sent on our behalf. 
We also felt that the quality of the MyPostcard cards were slightly better than the other two. 

All generally have good promotions, perhaps if you are not sending cards often then the MyPostcard promotion is better suited for you. But if you intend to send at least 10-12 in a year then the TouchNote offer might be better for you.

Remember to use the appropriate Promotional code above on each of the apps to get a bonus.


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