How Do Families Afford Holidays Abroad?

Family holiday are great, especially when kids are young. But the problem is that when families are involved holidays tend to be much more expensive (bigger accommodation, flights, fun things to do etc.), and not everyone can easily afford it.

Families really do need to save for holidays, and sometimes save all year for that one great family holiday. Saving means understanding your budget and putting away every penny you can (some more tips here: “How Can I Afford A Holiday?” 

See if you can spread the cost of a holiday. A good number of holiday companies are happy to let you pay a little off your holiday each month, so it is definitely always worth asking.

It is also worth actually talking to a local travel agent, but before you do so, work out your budget so you know how much you can save and therefore spend.

Then, when you sit down with them, you can talk to them much more easily face to face and tell them exactly what you are prepared to spend, they will then spend the time searching through different hotel and date options for you.

Whilst in general terms holidays can be cheaper if you are willing to book 11+ months in advance, you can also pick up last minute deals. Therefore, if you are willing to wait just a few weeks before you want to go before booking them you could wait.

You can get great deals if you feel comfortable using a DIY travel agents like OnTheBeach or, these aren’t tied to particular holiday company so can often pick the best value hotel and flight combo, and will let you spread the cost.

Remember that the travel agents all need to make money, so will add additional cost to the true cost of getting to and staying at your preferred destination. With this in mind, if you feel very confident you could even do it all yourself, booking the hotel directly with the hotel and the flight directly with the airline, we’ve managed to save 25-30% on brochure price doing it that way but way bigger savings are possible.

If you want something a little different try someone like Eurocamp (was Key Camp), you can have some amazing family holidays by stopping in a log cabin in France, Belgium or Spain etc, and they can cost two thirds the price of a more conventional hotel holiday.

Family holidays ARE amazing, and if you focus on going away as a family then you will be able to do it.

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