Simple Hotel Trick to Get a Free Upgrade

This very simple trick could help you to get a luxurious upgrade on your next hotel stay.

For most people, travelling can be expensive, but if you would like a better, more comfortable and luxurious room, then we have a little hack (trick) you can employ to get that little bit of extra indulgence.

And lets face it, why pay more when you really don’t have to.

Whether it’s getting things cheaper or wanting to turn an average experience into something really amazing, this single travel hack for your next hotel stay will help you upgrade your break without having to pay the big bucks …

… simple, let the hotel know that you are celebrating a special occasion.

There is usually a special reason why we travel, or at least a special reason why we would like an improved experience at the hotel accommodation.

It could be a birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, or even something a little more mundane like your first visit a christening etc.

Whatever it is, just let the hotel know. Besides getting a congratulations from them, we have often been given free gifts (bowls of fruit, free meals, drinks etc.) and upgrades.

I’ve heard some people getting fairly large discounts on their booking.

Free upgrades tend to be more readily available when you arrive later in the day as anyone booking into better rooms will have done so, therefore reception will have a better idea what upgraded rooms they have available.

There’s no reason to be shy, if you can, mention your ’celebration’ when you book and again when you check in, simply asking goes a long way.

Also remember that it’s the job of the concierge to ensure that guests have a personalised and perfect stay, as such they are more likely than reception to be able to pull a few strings and get you into a better room at no extra cost if one is available, so if there is a concierge, ask there.

Don’t forget your travel insurance!



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