Our Guide to Getting The Most From Your Visit to Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris (www.disneylandparis.com) is a magical holiday destination but the reality is you will be battling crowds, waiting in queues and probably spending more money than you budgeted for.

But the good news is we are here with plenty of easy tips and advice to allow you to get more holiday for your Euro.

Cut your waiting time for rides and attractions

When you get to the park check the Waiting Time Boards or download the Disneyland Paris App as these will give you an indication as to how busy the rides are.

Remember to use the FastPass system to forward book popular rides. Plan your day carefully as once you have used your FastPass then you have to wait 60 minutes before you can get another one.

The FastPass tickets CAN run out for the most popular rides so use the FastPass facility to guarantee at least one go on your favourite ride. For example Big Thunder Mountain, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain and Ratatouille can run out before lunchtime so get them as early as you can.

Arrive early to try and avoid the crowds and if you are staying at a Disney Hotel then remember the extended hours, these Extra Magic Hours allow you access to the park before general admission.

Most people tend to go around the parks clockwise however if you go anti-clockwise then your first few rides could be quieter. 

If you want to meet Mickey Mouse for that special photo opportunity and want to beat the large queues then we suggest heading straight for Fantasyland when the park opens. Mickey can be found next to Toad Hall restaurant and right next to the Fantasyland Railroad Station.

Rides tend to be quieter when a parade is on so if you have already seen one of the parades then head over to the rides you want to go on.

Beating the crowds at restaurants

Avoid eating between 12 - 2pm if possible because these are the busiest times at all of the park restaurants and eateries and believe us you really do have to wait a long time. 

Most of the eateries are 'fast dining' experiences however please don't feel like you have to rush your food as you need to be refreshed and ready for the afternoon.
If you can, take a packed lunch and then you can eat when you want. There are lots of pretty picnic areas for you to enjoy your food.

Believe it or not you can actually book tables and meals up to two months in advance via the DLP app.

There are plenty of water fountains scattered around the parks, these tend to be near to the restrooms however there are others at other areas of the parks.

WiFi access in Disneyland Paris

We still don't understand why, but Disneyland Paris still doesn't offer free WiFi around the parks ... crazy I know, and frustrating that you have to use mobile data, but we have this very crafty hack to get free WiFi access ... don't tell any ;-)

Nip out of the park to the Disneyland Hotel lobby (the very posh hotel), go to the far left through the revolving doors as you leave the gates, you'll find that you can now get free Wi-Fi.

Or if you want to browse for longer in a little more comfort then just go upstairs in the Disneyland Hotel as nd head for Cafe Fantasia to enjoy a leisurely drink while you use their free internet access.

There is also free WiFi access across Disneyland Parks at the Disney Village, there are a number of access points including McDonald's, Starbucks and the Earl of Sandwich.

Other hints, tips and secrets

If you need any advice then ask a Cast Member who will be more than happy to assist you.

If you are celebrating a birthday then head over the the Town Hall on Main Street (to the left of the entrance) let them know and you will get a birthday badge. It's quite special as you walk around the park having people wishing you a happy birthday or "Bon Anniversaire"

If you want to see a parade then bag your space. Sitting on the kerb until the parade starts will reserve your much sought after position, then you are all ready to stand up as the parade approaches without people being in front of you. The characters involved in the parade absolutely love it when you interact with them so if you want that special pic then wave, smile or dance along with them and fully emerse yourself in the experience.

To get a great view of the evening firework display then you really need to get to Main Street at least 30 mins before the show starts. 

Visiting with a baby? Disney offers a baby switch service so if you both want to ride but one needs to stay with baby then worry not, your place is kept in line so when one parent/guardian has been on the ride then you simply swap over without queuing twice.

Mickey also appears at Disney Studios park in the morning next to Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride and the queues are much shorter than the Disneyland park so that can save you lots of time queuing.

If the weather is bad then head to Disney Studios and catch one of the shows then you stay dry but still enjoy all the magic of Disney.

Shopping at Disney Village can be just as much fun as the parks as there is a large Disney Store for all your gifts and treats and also a fantastic Lego shop.

Make sure you take plenty of paracetamol and ibuprofen as they are only available from pharmacies in France so can be difficult to get and ARE very expensive.

Most importantly have a magical time and enjoy every minute in this truly fabulous place.

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