Cheap Flights - MYTH BUSTING!

There is a long list of things we believe to be true about grabbing cheap flights, we’re here to bust the myths. 

Booking tickets at the last moment gets you the best price. MYTH BUSTED! Booking flights between 60 – 80 days is usually the best options for the best priced tickets.

There is a specific day of the week when tickets will always be cheapest. MYTH BUSTED! Ticket prices always vary depending on the demand the airline or route is experiencing at the time, it has nothing to do with the day of the week.

You can buy an economy ticket then simply upgrade for a small fee. MYTH BUSTED! Not true in the slightest. First-class flight tickets can cost up to 4x more than Economy, there is no way you will be able to upgrade for a small fee! It is sometimes possible to upgrade when at the airport however – Read Great Ways to Get A Free Upgrade to First Class on your Next Flight

I’ve even heard people suggesting that clearing your browser history makes flights cheaper. MYTH BUSTED! I think people think this because a website might think your new to the site so offers you the best rates, sorry, but this just doesn’t work!

Collecting the airline reward points is the secret to cheaper travel: MYTH BUSTED! Simply not true, there maybe a small benefit with getting a upgrade during check-in (Read Great Ways to Get A Free Upgrade to First Class on your Next Flight).

Business Class can sometimes be cheaper than Economy: MYTH BUSTED! (sort of!). On short haul flights this could very rarely be true, but never on long haul.

And here are some thing that are actually true.

Different country versions of the same website can actually give cheaper prices. Whilst it can sometime happen, it is fairly rare, but if you’ve got the time to search sites as different countries then have a go, you might be one of the lucky ones.

Non-direct flights ARE almost always cheaper. If you are willing to make 1 or more stop offs (when you don’t really have to) then you can often find cheaper routes. You just have to weigh up whether you think the extra flying time is worth the savings as the best savings are on routes with longer and inconvenient stop overs.

Return flights after usually cheaper than booking singles, but the opposite is also true, and instead of booking return flights, look to look two singles because they can be cheaper!

The cheapest tickets are always non-changeable/refundable.

Looking for a shorter stay somewhere? If you stay over on a Saturday night you’ll often get the best prices. Long-haul and short-haul departure tax can be significantly different in places (e.g. the UK), if you book a short-haul to connect to a long-haul then you could make a decent saving.



Book Cheap Overseas Holidays:
We tend to use, they constantly return some of the cheapest holidays abroad and they don't have to be made at the last minute either!

Book Cheap UK Holidays:
We use TravelSupermarket and Easyjet - maybe not known for their UK breaks, but they have some really cheap deals for hotels and B&B's around the country.

Travel insurance:
Holiday Extras can be difficult to beat, you can also book your airport parking from them too. Never leave home without your travel insurance to protect yourself from illness, injury, theft, and cancellations.

If you are looking for other areas to save money when booking holidays check out our Discounts and Deals page. We list all the ones we use to save money when we travel – and that will save you time and money too!

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