Save Money Whilst On Holiday

Well done, you’ve saved money on your holiday, so now isn’t the time to blow your budget and overspend on the extras. These are out top tips for saving cash for the extra stuff you need for your holiday.

Only Pay £1 for Travel Accessories
Looking for travel accessories?  Travel adaptors, locks, items for the flight etc? Just visit your nearest pound shop and buy what you need. These discount stores always have displays full of holiday and travel items and you can buy virtually everything you need without breaking the bank.

Borrow Stuff
The chances that you are going away at the same time as all of your family and friends is highly unlikely, so see if you can borrow accessories from them. This goes for anything you might need including travel guides, camera equipment, luggage etc.

Ask Travel Agent Staff for their Favourite Places to Visit
Quite often, if you ask travel agency staff where they like to go for meals, drinks etc. whilst they stay in your booked destination you’ll get a list of places that are perhaps off the beaten track, cheaper than the traditional tourist traps and usually provide an even better and more authentic experience.

Invest in a Smart Water Bottle
It is very easy to spend a small fortune on bottled water when abroad, instead of spending over the odds, why not invest in a water bottle with its own filtration system, meaning you can have clean fresh water anywhere.

These can be inexpensive if you are thinking about buying bottled water and can be used anywhere. There is always a decent range available from Amazon.

Make Your Own Meals
It is never a good idea to skip a meal, no matter where in the world you are travelling. Making your own lunches can be quick, easy and very cheap.  Head for the local supermarket or store and check out the local produce, bread, cheese, fish, vegetables, cooked meats etc. and you will be able to make the most amazing packed lunches for all the family at a fraction of the cost that a restaurant would charge you, and you will be trying the delicious local cuisine.

Free Breakfast
Many hotels provide free or cheap breakfasts to help guests start their day right, take advantage of these offers. We have had some of the most amazing breakfasts in hotels then only needed a very light snack during the day to keep us going all the way through to dinner.

Sometimes, especially if you get down to breakfast late, many hotels will let you take away some food that will enable you to have a free lunch too.

If breakfast isn’t included, then find a local café to fill up on at the fraction of the price of a restaurant.

Research Travel Passes and Plan Routes
To save money walk whenever possible, if that isn’t an option and you need to use public transport then research to see if there are daily or weekly passes that you can buy to save you money on your journeys.

Pack Your Own Food Essentials From Home
The cost of drinks and snacks can add up whilst you are on holiday, this can be cut down by taking your own food stuffs with you, things like sweets, teabags, coffee, crisps, instant noodles, soups etc can come in very handy and will help save you a lot of money.

Make Your Own Travel-Size Toiletries
Travel miniatures of things like shampoo, conditional, soap etc. can cost a small fortune. Visit your local pound store or discount store to get a pack of empty plastic bottles and decant what you need before you go.

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