Secret London

This is part of our ‘Secret Series’, where we explore the things that aren’t generally known about a particular place, but are worth knowing.

We love going to London and during a year we might have 3-4 long weekends there, sometimes we go for the International Series NFL games, but often just to take in the atmosphere of our Capital city. I think we all know London for Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and its many bridges, but what else is worth seeing that lots of tourists (and locals) don’t know anything about!

Revealed for you here are some hidden gems of London, some cultural must-sees, foodie treats and excellent bars.


Want that extra special selfie whilst in London, try this. Situated at 10 Adam Street, it’s only about 800 metres away from the real 10 Downing Street (just off Strand). It looks very similar to the real door and well worthy of a quick selfie to show and amaze your friends and family.


The Jamaica Wine House began life as Londons first coffee house, in the 1600s, that was when coffee was an expensive drink, and these coffee houses were used to start debates on government and business matters. Today The Jamaica is a pub and is tucked away in St. Michael's Alley close to the Mansion House. They serve good food and fine drink (all actually reasonably priced); and if that isn’t a good enough reason to go there then the 400+ years of history should be. Top tip. Get there before 5, as it gets busy with locals after that.


Forget what Wham sang about, the drinks in the Covent Garden watering hole aren’t free! But they know how to party at the Tropicana Beach Club. From a ‘lagoon pool’ style dance floor surrounded by VIP beach cabanas, a jungle full of exotic flowers and plants, 30ft palm trees and party booths. Fancy some food? You can grab various beach-grill inspired dishes, or just sample from over 50 cocktails on the menu and some of the city's biggest DJs on the decks. A fun way to see the night away.


We love a good sandwich, which is why we love Max’s Sandwich Shop in Stroud Green. Max (who owns the place) has given his life to the humble sandwich (which in his hands, isn’t a humble sandwich anymore!). These aren’t just sandwiches, they are meals in their own right and need to be enjoyed as such.


God’s Own Junkyard is a kaleidoscopic warehouse-maze of handmade neon signs that gives you a good kick. It’s part free museum, but also partly a mecca for the Instagram generation. The order of this mad emporium, Marcus, is a dealer, recycler and saviour of neon signs. There are thousands of signs, props and figures for you to take in and admire, and come away with some cracking images.



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