UK Travel Insurance

We accept the fact that holiday insurance is probably the least exciting part of planning a holiday, but its a fact of life that securing the right insurance could be vital; it could, after all, prove to be essential to protecting your physical and financial health.

The problem is that when it comes to holidays in the UK not many of us give travel insurance a second thought, but it could be just as important as insurance when you are abroad.

You could end up with some of the same problems and issues that you do when overseas.

UK travel insurance means that you are covered for any incident no matter how severe or minor. In some cases, even suffering a relatively minor injury on a UK holiday can cost thousands of pounds.

Just imagine if you become ill or injured and can't work for a while, or lose something of value or just unable to take your holiday for some reason, you want to ensure you are covered.

UK travel insurance can cover you for things like:

Cancellation and delay: Including curtailment of your trip for some reason.
Personal liability: If you cause damage to possessions or injure someone, cover is provided.
Emergency assistance: If you need to be taken back home due to injury, your costs will be met.
Baggage and belongings: Protection if your luggage or possessions are lost, stolen or damaged is provided as standard with most policies.
Best Place to Buy UK Travel Insurance
We have found that Compare The Market tends to offer a very good choice and range of UK Travel Insurance, and you can tend to get cover for a full 12 months for a little as £10 per person.

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