Virgin Holidays Discount Code

No need to search for Virgin Holidays ( Discount Code, as Virgin Holidays will give you a super discount with this simple, easy and free hack. 

It's always nice to save money on your holiday, especially when you can get the discount for free.

So here is a very clever way to save a whopping 7 percent on your next Virgin Holiday, we have just done this on a long break to New York for two and a holiday for four to Orlando and instantly saved myself over £450. I'm sure you'll agree that this is a decent discount.

But it seems that not a lot of people know this little trick, so here it is ... Virgin have a loyalty card; the Flying Club racks up points (and air miles) every time you fly with them, but the really great this is that your discount starts as soon as you sign up for their free program.

So get over to and sign up for their free card, as soon as you have your membership number, enter it into their website when booking for an instant 7 percent discount.

In addition, if you work for the NHS, instead of the 7 percent discount you can get a massive 10 percent off the price of your holiday. Virgin Atlantic also offer an exclusive 12% percent discount for serving and non-serving members of the Armed Forces.

Get out there and start saving big :-)

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