What Makes an Indulgent Holiday?

You don't often get to take an indulgent holiday, but when you do, how do you make it the best and most extravagant holiday possible?

Indulgence is simply adding the extra little luxuries and attention to detail that is often missed in the usual package holidays.

You are basically looking for anything that provides an enhanced experience and a high level of service; from the moment you leave home until the moment you get back.

Private Car Hire

Start your holiday in luxurious style.

Keep your own car in your garage and hire a car and driver for your journey to and from your home and your local airport, and between your destination airport and hotel. These can actually be very cost effective with lots of choice of the type of car that collects you. It will be waiting for you so you feel relaxed and ready to enjoy your holiday.

Baggage Allowance

Why not upgrade your baggage allowance, allowances up to 25kg+ are often available, which can give you a generous 5kg allowance more than the standard allowance and allows ample space for extra outfits and gifts.

Airport Lounge

Continue your in style by pre-booking time in an airport lounge. Enjoy complimentary refreshments (drinks and snacks), Wi-fi, newspapers etc

Priority Lane Pass

Your indulgent holiday should begin at the airport; continue the special treatment by arranging priority lane passee to beat the security check queues. Available at most UK airports, enjoy the ease and convenience from even before you board the flight.

Flight Upgrade

If your budget allows then there is nothing more indulgent an upgraded flights, were not saying it has to be First Class travel for you, but you will be grateful for anything that provides extra comfort and additional legroom, complementary drinks, snacks and meals.

Room Upgrades

Your hotel will undoubtedly provide excellence as standard, but one of the sheer delights of an indulgent holiday is opening the door on a luxurious hotel room where every detail has been designed to impress you. Look to book a more spacious room, something with a breathtaking view, private terrace or balcony.

Look to upgrade meal choices, spa passes etc, because you deserve it.

Your holiday doesn't have to include all of these for an indulgent feel, even one of these options can make your holiday feel more luxurious.


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