Travel Insurance - our two best tips!

Travel insurance is really simple, it’s so simple that we are proud to present our top 2 tips.

Tip 1 – Get It

Travel insurance is critically important, and everyone should get travel insurance for his or her holidays, no longer how short the trip is, get travel insurance.

Tip 2 – Get It Now

We hear stories all the time about the problems that happen when people don’t get travel insurance as soon as their book their holidays. “I booked a holiday then broke my leg just before we were about to go, I called the travel agent and because I’m flying in three weeks’ time they won’t cancel my holiday and refund me.”

Did they have travel insurance?

“I was going to leave it until nearer the time.”

It is not the travel agents fault, if you get travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday then as a rule of thumb you are covered for cancellations.

Imagine you bought a pair of trousers and broke your leg; you wouldn’t be able to take the trousers back and get a refund because your trousers are faulty!

With travel insurance, in the event that you are ill, in the event a family member dies, in the event that something happens and you can't go on holiday, you will be covered by your travel insurance from the day you take it out.

If you are reading this and you have already booked your holiday but you haven’t got your travel insurance then you’re throwing money away, as you insurance should be covering you from today.

And it needn’t cost a fortune, a simple check of the popular price comparison sites show that you should be able to get European travel insurance for about £10 per person per week. This is for a no frills policy.

Give them a go:

The whole idea behind travel insurance is to cover you for the things that you’re not expecting.

There’s the expected unexpected like cancellations and delays and then there's the unexpected and expect it's like a volcano in Iceland that stops you flying, the better your insurance policy, the more you will be covered for.

So you can either go no frills that covers you on the basics or we can try and get a policy which you pay more for that has wider cover levels. That's up to you to decide.

But, in answer to the basic question “When Should I Buy Travel Insurance?”the answer is as soon as you book your holiday.



Book Cheap Overseas Holidays:
We tend to use, they constantly return some of the cheapest holidays abroad and they don't have to be made at the last minute either!

Book Cheap UK Holidays:
We use TravelSupermarket and Easyjet - maybe not known for their UK breaks, but they have some really cheap deals for hotels and B&B's around the country.

Travel insurance:
Holiday Extras can be difficult to beat, you can also book your airport parking from them too. Never leave home without your travel insurance to protect yourself from illness, injury, theft, and cancellations.

If you are looking for other areas to save money when booking holidays check out our Discounts and Deals page. We list all the ones we use to save money when we travel – and that will save you time and money too!

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