The Best French Food

After being in France a number of times now, we wanted to share this quick and simple tip about eating in the country.

When we think about proper French dining, we often think about posh Michelin star restaurants with meals served in their fancy sauces, but for the real taste of France, you can achieve it without the fancy pricetag of a top restaurant.

You can forget the fancy french cuisine and dig into a cheap French classic, thats right, you don't need to visit the big fancy places you can experience France with the simplest of food ... the humble sandwich.

Most French people you meet could talk for hours about the baguette; and they eat a lot of them, 3 million Jambon-beurre (ham sandwiches) alone are sold every day in France, and in our opinion one of the best fast-foods in France.

When made properly with great ingredients, it is a meal fit for a King.

If you are in Paris, then get your baguette from Le Jambon Beurre (, they are the best.
The small cafe is close to the Louvre Museum and the area it is situated in is full of little bars and patisserie and is a view of real french life.

But just choose a baguette that is stuffed with ingredients, they may be cheap, but you want it to feel like you've eaten a meal.

Good baguettes have that wonderful crispy crust and a light and springy centre, avoid ones your might find sold in supermarkets and larger stores and instead try to find smaller sellers.

An interesting fact for you, Baguettes are Parisian, originally because of the size of the city, thousands of bakeries made the baguette which was consumed the same day, further outside of Paris larger loafs (and not baguettes) were baked that laster longer than a day.

So to experience real French cuisine, just get yourself a very tasty baguette with a filling of your choice.

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