Great Ways to Get A Free Upgrade to First Class on your Next Flight

First-class tickets can easily cost 4 times more than standard Economy prices, but there are a few tricks you can try to get a free upgrade the next time you fly. 

Ask for an upgrade. Seems very obvious, but if you ask for an upgrade you might actually get one. At check-in, say something like “If you are looking or passengers to upgrade then I would like to be considered!”. Say it in a fun, natural way with a smile and if they are looking to upgrade passengers, then you might actually be considered. There are a couple of things you can do to increase your odds of getting that all important upgrade, they are:

Dress Smart - turn up in smart casual wear to check in and you are much more likely to get a bump up to first class than if you wear torn jeans and flip-flops.

Be early - The early bird does sometimes catch the worm. And getting to check-in early means not only that you’ll be one of the first to ask for an upgrade but you’ll be asking before the check-in attendant is busy with other customers.

Special occasions - Let the check-in staff know if you are celebrating a special occasion, it might be a birthday, honeymoon or significant anniversary. Even if you don’t get an upgrade you may get special treatment (free drinks, in-flight gift etc).

Travel alone - OK, not always an option, but the airline is more likely to find an upgrade for a solo flyer than they are for a family of four!

Join the airline loyalty scheme - Even if you don’t travel too often, once you’ve booked your flight, joining their loyalty scheme means that you are already in their special club, which will help your chances. Some airlines look for passengers that are in their loyalty scheme, and have paid full price to upgrade.

Another trick once you are sat down is to check your surroundings, are you next to a crying baby, does your seat, armrests, tray table, recliner, seat belt etc all work as expected, if not, let a flight attendant know. When it comes to broken seats, airlines prefer to move these passengers to other seats, and it could just be first class!

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