7 Tips For Travelling Abroad on a Budget

Travelling abroad can become very expensive very quickly, especially if you are unfamiliar to where you are staying, with the exchange rate or your own spending habits. 

With a little creativity, you can travel worldwide on a shoestring budget.

Try these tips for travelling abroad without breaking the bank. 

  1. Put together a Plan – know where you are going and for how long so that you can find accommodation accordingly. 
  2. Book in Advance – Airlines and hotels typically give you a bigger discount if you book them well in advance – up to 11 months before your trip. 
  3. Make a Budget – When you have a really good idea of how much you can spend on your trip, you have your budget! Stick to this figure and avoid overspending. 
  4. Avoid Carrying Too Much Money – You’ll find that if you carry too much money on you, you’ll be tempted to spend it all, so budget carefully and keep you with in cash just the amount you want to spend that day. 
  5. Look For a Free Breakfast – Many hotels offer free breakfasts, where possible stick to these places and take advantage of their complementary service, you’ll find it the most satisfying meal of the day and a good hearty breakfast could you most of the day. 
  6. Grocery Shop – You’ll find that shopping for groceries from markets, but be considerably cheaper than buying from supermarkets, food carts, vendors and restaurants.
  7. Mind the Exchange Rate – Understand just how the conversion rate works when you are traveling from place to place. If you have as smartphone download an exchange rate app, this way you are less likely to overspend because you calculated the exchange rate wrong. 
Travel smart and thinking about your budget and expenses from day to day will ensure that you have an enjoyable trip without breaking the bank.


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