London - Officially a Great Place for a Vacation

It will come as no surprise to anyone that lives here in the UK, but in a recent survey by U.S. News, London came out as the 5th best place holiday destination. 

In their guide that takes into account expert analysis of different destinations, user opinion plus evaluation of culture, food and accessibility, U.S. News determine that London is a cosmopolitan city well worth a visit, beating other great locations like the Grand Canyon (9th), Barcelona (11th), New York City (12th), Amsterdam (17th) and the Great Barrier Reef (28th).

They rightly point out that London is unique, with its patchwork of eclectic neighbourhoods, historic landmarks and plenty of modern attractions; visitors can be kept busy for days sightseeing and taking in all that this great city has to give.

We have such a diverse and vibrant capital city, which truly provides some of the best sights in the world, with more attractions than you can shake a stick at. We also have a simply amazing array of restaurants and shopping in the city that will satisfy anyone.

Fancy it quieter, then we have a range of parks and outdoor options for overseas visitors, and you really don't need to travel far to find green space in and around London. The capital is home to eight beautiful Royal Parks, including Hyde Park and Richmond Park.

Our diverse accommodation is great too, with different levels to cater for everyone’s taste and budget

We know from taking to overseas visitor in the past that as well as the British accent, they love our open culture, the welcome they receive and our proper English pubs.

Why Go To London

The English writer Samuel Johnson famously said, "You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford." More than two centuries have passed since Johnson's era, but his words still ring true. Life in London is nothing short of invigorating, and travellers find that one visit isn't enough to experience everything this two-millennia-old city has to offer.

Here, the antiquated clasps hands with the contemporary. You'll find the historic Tower of London and the avant-garde Tate Modern both considered must-sees. Shakespeare's sonnets are still being uttered by actors who don modern garb. Londoners most certainly still respect the royals, but they also jam to the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Adele. And while they still praise the power of tea, they now make room for some Starbucks here and there, and pressed juice too. A current leader in everything from politics and banking to fashion and music, London's culture compass is always attuned to what's next. 
source: U.S. News (2019)


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