How To Have a Cheap Day At The Seaside

We are currently enjoying a wonderful long weekend in Great Yarmouth, it's the seaside location of my youth and I was very excited to come back here.

Like many Brits, we love going to the beach, its a great way to spend quality time with loved ones, and really helps to bring people together.  Young kids love British beaches, teenages do, parents and the older generation all love the seaside.

But a simple day by the sea can be expensive, so we decided to look at ways and give some advice on how to reduce the cost a little and make it affordable for all.


If you are lucky enough to live close to the beach then this one is easy and cheap. 
Unfortunately, many of us don't, so tye cost of getting to and from the resort of your choice needs to be considered.

Coach trips can be very cost effective, you can find some amazing value days out trips from some of the biggest coach tour operators (, etc), its worth taking a look or signing up for their emails.

Also sign up for emails from your local train company as they often have day out special offers too during the summer. If your train operator doesn't have anything available, then book your train early to get it at a slightly cheaper rate.

Also if you sign up by email, they often send you last minute discounts for places they are finding it difficult to sell.


Our old favourite advance about taking your own picnic still stands, but as you are in the UK there are some cheap options.
A supermarkets tend to have cheap meal deals, you can also buy sandwiches and sausage rolls in pound and discount shops to really help reduce the cost.

Supermarkets are a great source of cheap treats too. Everyone fancy an ice cream? Don't pay £2+ each on the front, chances are you could get ice cream for a family of 4 for £2 from the supermarket.


Drinks are the same, its important to stay hydrated, and buying drinks from cafes or kiosks may be convenient but it can be a real drain on your finances.
Either take a flask or buy in bulk from the local supermarket.
Some seaside towns also have free water fountains dotted about.


This can be a huge drain on finances, but if the weather is nice, you can often find plenty of things to do that are cheap or free.

If you have kids that love playing in the amusements teach them the fun of the 2p machines, you can spend a decent amount of time on these for just a couple of quid.


Some love it, some don't. But its a great free activity to do when the weather is nice. Remember to protect yourself and your family from the sun.

Paddling in the Sea

Completely free and a great activity fir people of any age. Please remember that young children should be accompanied at all times.

Build Your Own Paddling Pool

Its possible to buy a very cheap shower curtain (try your local Pound shop, discount store or equivalent), dig a large hole on the beach, line it with your shower curtain and fill with water.


A fantastic way to burn off a little energy, stay cool and have fun.  If swimming is your goal, head for a beach that has its own lifeguard station close by and watch for the warning flags.

Crabbing/Rock pools

This is an old favourite at the beach.
You can spend hours trying to catch crabs.  Simple to do, all you need is some crab nets, some bait and a bucket so you can admire the crabs you have caught.  Remember to be kind and put them back in the rock pool when you have finished.

Building Sandcastles

You can easily buy cheap buckets and spades near the beach, so there is no need to worry about getting these before you go. 
Also at many seaside resorts you can buy a bucket full of chips for a reasonable price.

Keep the bucket and spades for another seaside trip.

Ask the Experts

Most seaside resorts have a tourist information centre, go and ask them about local cheap activities, they'll know the latest things to do locally and will have some discount vouchers for many activities that cost money.

Collecting shells and fossils

Whrn kids are little they to love to walk up and down the beach collecting shells, nice pebbles and even fossils can be found on some beaches.  Collect them in a bucket to either take home or draw pictures in the sand.
Once home painting shells and pebbles gives you an extra activity to do and acts as a reminder for years of where you have been :-)

Playing Sports

Footballs, cricket, rounders equipment etc is very cheap to buy (again, use a local Pound or discount store etc) and provides loads of fun. Kite flying is also great for younger children (and some grownups) and again can be very cheap to buy.


Another cheap item to purchase, which will give you loads of fun on the beach.  You will also be able to use this at the park after your trip.


If the distance to the seaside you are off to is too far for you to travel there and back in one day, you may wish to consider an overnight stay.

Our top money saving tips here is to book in advance and pick accommodation that is just out of the centre of things as it'll be cheaper.

Just watch out for hidden extras which can include parking charges, supplements for more than two adults in a room or late arrival, these can turn a cheap stay into a more expensive one.

All that’s left is for you to head out with your family in tow, and enjoy a great day out at thre seaside without breaking the bank.



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