Cheapest Overseas Holiday I have EVER had

I honestly can’t remember how much I paid for my bargain holiday to Croatia a few years back, but it was definitely less than £200 in total for return travel and accommodation for 10 days, a fraction of the cost if I’d have booked it as a package holiday. Planning and been flexible was key.

Firstly, I booked an early morning flight; these are generally cheap as they are what I think of as very anti-social times to fly.

I got a friend to drop me off as late as possible at the airport and ended up having a few hour sleep there, when it isn’t busy they can be fairly easy places to grab a bit of sleep before a flight; today I would probably book a cheap Airbnb close to the airport and get a little bit better rest without breaking the bank.

We have a guide here on getting a very good Airbnb discount.

Anyway, I planned my holiday flight and realised that an early flight to Trieste in Italy would give me savings and a better holiday experience. From there I got a bus to Croatia.

This is a seriously cheap transport option, I paid about £20 for the 9 hour journey to Split (right on the southern tip of Croatia), and I saw some absolutely stunning coastline and islands on the way. We had a couple of stop in some really nice towns on the way down.

Once there I camped in my small and lightweight, tent and also stayed a few nights in a backpackers dorm, all very inexpensive to do and added to a great holiday experience.

Croatia and Albania is a top recommendation of mine for a cheap holiday, it’s way cheaper than Greece and just as beautiful, the people are friendly and welcoming. Eastern Europe is a popular destination and Italians even go there because it is so much cheaper than taking a break in Italy!

It has some amazing cities for exploring. Flights from England to Eastern Europe can be an absolute bargain. Look on Sky Scanner.

I’ve just priced this package up again and for 1 person, return travel and accommodation for a similar holiday can be as little as £210.

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