Get a Holiday for Free

If you really can’t afford a holiday, then there may be an option for you to get away for a few days free of charge.

The Youth Hostel Association (YHA) of England and Wales offers something that they call the ‘Breaks Programme’, it’s designed to allow families and young people to reach out to them for assistance with a short break.

The YHA are perfectly aware that rest, travel and adventure has the ability to transform the education, health and wellbeing of the young, and they strongly believe that they should have the chance to have these adventures, experience new things, learn life skills and make new friends.

Young people today can be easily struck down with mental health issues if they experience severe difficulties– i.e. financial hardship, disability, homelessness, bereavement, long-term illness etc.

And as they are obviously in need then a short break (fully paid for) might be available to them.

The YHA hostels have come along way over the past few decades, we tend to picture dirty, large dormitories, but they are now a very popular choice for backpackers and families as private rooms are now available.

They have over 50 clean, attractive and well appointed hostels around the country now in cities centres, coastal regions and the countryside and they are all within the public transport network.

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