How Can I Afford A Holiday?

At some time, we all often feel that we cannot afford to go on holiday, but often just a small tweak to finances can turn your dream holiday into a reality. 

Follow our saving tips and you may be surprised.

Spend less

First, you need to work out your budget to see just how much you can comfortably afford, the word is ‘comfortably’, don’t make it so you can’t afford the basics and have a little left over for emergencies.

Once you have your budget written down, stick to it. Withdraw your weekly budget from the bank and buy everything with cash, when you have the money in your hand you are must less likely to spend it.

Don’t buy stuff you won’t use that week, don’t shop when you are hungry, believe me, your savings will start to grow. Whether you decide to put away a decent sized amount or a small amount, it all adds up.

Small cuts can really help your savings, by saving £2 a day on your morning commute coffee you will save almost £500 a year!

Look to buy supermarket own brands rather than big brands or start shopping in lower cost supermarkets and suddenly you can be saving £1,000’s a year, suddenly making that holiday a reality.

To help you save link an automatic savings account to your bank account, our favourite is Oval Money and it saves a little every time you spend from your bank account, it is surprising just how quick your savings can add up and you do not miss the odd bit of spare change.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Use this link and you will receive £5 free when you start saving. Use the code ASXQ1K8U to get your free £5. For other purchases, always try to ensure you always go through a cashback site, the best ones are Topcashback and Quidco.

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Earn More

OK, this may seem easier said than done, but everyone can earn a little extra cash.

See if you can work a couple of extra shifts or get a part-time job and put the extra money you earn in its entirety straight into a savings account.

If you cannot physically work more hours, look to earn a little more through selling what you don’t need anymore.
Clear out the junk from your house, anything you don’t use or are highly unlikely to use and sell online.

Start simple by selling via Facebook and Gumtree at first; these are great because apart from postage there are no additional fees.
If you want to hit a bigger market, consider selling your stuff on eBay. You will be amazing just how much you can make selling your old stuff, people literally makes £1,000s selling stuff off.

Whatever you make, throw it into a holidays saving account.
  • Here are some other ideas to earn more and spend less: 
  • Take your own lunch and snacks to college or work rather than shelling out each day 
  • Cut down on nights out, if you do go out do not take your credit card or debit card with you 
  • Cut down on takeaways 
  • Let people around you know that you are saving so they can support you by not asking you to go out as often 
  • For birthdays and Christmas ask family for cash rather than things
  • Focus on your dream holiday and don’t spend money on everything you see 
  • Walk more (saves cash and gets you fitter)
  • Don’t use cash machines that charge you 
  • Use a clothes horse and radiators rather than a tumble dryer to dry your clothes
Follow just a few of these ideas and you will start saving and be able to afford your holiday.


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