Top 10 Competition Tips

We have been running the Free Holiday Competition section of for a while now, and over this time we have picked up a number of comping tips that we wanted to pass on to everyone.

Never pay to enter a competition. All good competitions are free, if you need to pay to enter, chances are it isn’t legit and you are just lining the pocket of a fraudster. Of course, some competitions do need a purchase to enter, just ensure that you trust the promoter first before parting with cash.

Find a couple of good sites that have the sort of competitions that you want to enter. Obviously should be on the top of your list for holidays and breaks 😊

Never be afraid of entering competitions more than once; take it from someone who has developed many competitions in the past, the worst that will happen is that the promoter will remove all duplicate entries, but sometimes they don’t and you could have more than one entry into the competition (more chance of winning!).

Increase our chance of winning easily. If the competition is for a couple or family, share it with everyone you would like to take with you and ask them to enter too – this will automatically improve your chances of winning the competition that you want.

Read any terms and conditions carefully, some ask you to like or share too. Sometimes this means that you could legitimately have more than one entry into a competition again improving your chances of winning.

Every competition has a closing date. Never put off your entry, as soon as you see a competition you would like to win, put your entry in. The last thing you want to do is come back to it later only to find it’s closed.

Avoid the spam. Lots of companies set up competitions to just get your email address so that they can send you promotions, it’s always worth setting up a new email address just for competitions to avoid such spam.

Check your SPAM folder. Sometimes vital communications may slip through. So many prize wins could be missed by not checking your spam folder on a regular basis. Your spam folder clears after a certain amount of time (depending on your email provider), so check frequently.

Extra effort can improve your chances of winning. Most of us are lazy, so if you need to answer a question or complete a small quiz or survey to enter a competition most people won’t bother, if you persist with it, chances are you’ll be up against a lot fewer people in the competition.

TIP 10
Avoid ‘call to enter’ competitions. Be extremely wary of premium rate phone contests. You could be listening at £1 a minute for five or 10 minutes before you hear any details

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  1. Great advice, I have been comping for AHEM years, should get my books out and see what tips I can give. Its a very good hobby. Christmas is round the corner and the advent lot come, and folk go daft and try to enter as many as there can and they forget what has been entered and what hasn't. Think what you would like to win, find out who/which company sells what you would like to win and list them, then make sure you do them first each day. Plan Plan Plan make comping easier on yourself.